Birchous Slender Felted Cove.

birchous slender felted cove.
knock tick-tock a cocking load.
ferrous crafted hafted shout.
fibrous clotted sauna spout.
splendorous pollack petal spray.
emancipating conscious grey.
whisper marbled vented cruft.
slumping silent scented snuff.

by John Kipling Lewis

Comments (5)

Very amusing and I like it.
7. Decent so far in a 'Jabberwocky'-ish way. To make it better, read it out loud - there are some places where the meter trips or is otherwise off.
REALLY like this one.... and I did read it aloud and liked it even more.
My favorite so far. Innovative use of words - I have read this one before, and each time I read it, I am fascinated by the different mental images it brings up.
this poem is meant to be read aloud