Since We All

Since we all have our personal battles to fight
To pass judgement on anyone does not seem right
Especially on someone who has never done anyone wrong
Amongst the honorable the judgmental do not belong
Since few of us one can say are free of taint
He or she a rare species the living saint
I have been in many a town and walked on many a street
But a flawless person i have yet to meet
Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you
A truism that surely does remain ever true
The people who verbally put others down
Do never become the best loved of the town
Everyone surely deserves a fair go
Even the one you consider your foe.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (8)

I have a voracious appetite, And may gobble food like a glutton, But shall I share a secret? I carry around virtuous souls, On a ride in the blue skies! .......touching expression with a nice theme. Beautifully painted. A brilliant poem on bird especially on crow expressing brotherhood has been astutely presented.10
All the creatures have a beauty, crows are famous for their brotherhood.
The raven is a beautiful bird with simple look.10p
Black is new blue hahaha You're such a nature lover :)
A nature lover sees beauty in all creatures, but it takes a great poet to paint the beauty for others to see. If ravens can read, they will sing their praises for you. Thanks Geeta
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