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Bird In The Mid Sea
RH (21.04.1962 / Tiruchirapalli-Tamilnadu-India)

Bird In The Mid Sea

Poem By rajagopal haran

Foraging in marine blocks
Land embroidered with water
Flowers shedding a spicy smell
No fruitful vineyard in the vicinity campaign
Drops glittering and reflecting millions of Suns
I start my journey envisaged long back!

Wings flutter and tremble
Gliding in the sky of limitless score
With face bleached like limestone
Voicing a shout of enthuse
Journey of a lifetime
Starts in the mid sea!

The heavy burden of my wings
Bear upon my body
shout comes of breast thro’ mouth
No end of the road
Face is burnished like basalt stone
Fly there on a flight of no return

Howling from my mouth like dog
And taste of pain in my eyes.
My world seems so empty as a sea
I have no one else or nowhere to go
Dream of an anchor now! My God!
Sight a ship projected by the mast

Seating myself on the highest plank
Think of disembarking sooner than thought of
Tired of not belonging
Start my flight once again;
Finding no landscape worthwhile to bank
Return to the ship feeling pain in my flesh

Is it my sorrow? Is it my fate?
Like bathing the open flesh
In the sea so salty!
Unable to fly and unable to climb
Maimed by insults unto dust and ash
Show the place for my soul to rest!

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Comments (6)

A soul write of much significance. Beautiful, rajagopal. Take care. Warmest regards, Sandra
passionate and expressive....in search of a shore, the emotions of a traveller, well written....
Well portrayed solitaire, great poem!
i like your expressions though i feel that the sea is full of things but to each his own. good poem. i will keep reading. thanks rajagopal.
The poem adorns beautiful figures - very well written