I was 13 years old
Surrounded by hoodies
With needles and spliffys
Drinking out of 2 litre bottles
Filled with anonymous liquid
That made us feel human

Police car sirens flashed in our eyes
Adrenaline tasted sweet in the air
But we ran from the pigs
Risking our lives for the digs

Digs of anger and sadness
Wrapped up in cling film
Protecting our feelings from the hard kids
Because tonight was all evil

Guys we'd never met
Were holding us close
Telling us they loved us
Looking down from above us

Silhouettes swayed left and right
Long hair entwined with smoke
Goodbyes are gone in a second
Cough, splutter, choke.

Tomorrow we'll wake up
With a body full of pain
Tomorrow we'll wake up
With everything to gain

In this world there are no promises
Trust or morality
From experience I will tell you
You'll always look but rarely see

by Hannah WoltonCarr

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and did you have the urge to go through the glass?
That's very powerful....