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The water is my composure.
It allows me to let things
go and accept who I am.

The earth is my stability.
When I am lost, it helps
me find my path.

The wind is my freedom.
It makes me rebellious
and question authority.

The fire is my passion.
It fuels my love,
and can burns me.

The light and dark is my soul.
I am two-sided. A flask for
the elements, that are me.

by Danielle Martens

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Thanks everybody for your support. I had to reply this way, as the message the connection was reset is still occurring in the reply center after at least a year.
Had to come back and read this again. Very enjoyable.
Fantastic expression. Amusing and touching. Interesting to read. Full of humor. Nice imagery. Lovely poem. Lofty theme. Thanks. 10.
I racked my crane-ium to think of a good comment to this delightful poem. You sparrowed no pains to get so many good ideas.
Great poem. Another feather in your cap. Loved the picture of Steven Seagull. I always thought 'e was tough, but 'e looks quite 'armless to me!
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