Blood For Economy

Life has been made cheap
Only to keep
Self or national interest
Above all to serve best

Big national play power game
Small countries feel no shame
They involved in power play to claim
And keep areas under flame

Oil is main factor for economy
Many countries wanted aid as steady flow
This invited power race
It became bloody powerful chase

Sea pirates have turned powerful
They are now proving harmful
Big ships are hijacked and asked for ransom
The sea route has turned dangerous zone

Other areas are burning
For land sharing
And establishing hegemony
This has added new danger for so many countries

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

Comments (3)

Very Pleasent and sweet poem by robert william service even i want that land but not for building domes but for enjoying carols
There is such foresight in this poet. Today we fight to keep some pieces of natural land in tact, then, nobody anticipated the ruination of our planed through greed.
There is such foresight in this poet. Who could then know that greed and over development would destroy all, but some, of our natural heritage places? !