Back To Reality

After staying in a cottage for a month,
with no T.V., no radio, no news;
visiting lost villages and country pubs;
exploring footpaths, sampling local brews
we came home to find
the 'real world' hadn't changed.

Statesmen were still bickering as usual.
Girls were being beaten, raped or killed.
Muggings were frequent; thugs were still about.
The third world had its usual problems:
the same old wars, famine, AIDS and drought.

Feeling powerless to change the situation
we sat and watched a T.V. documentary
on space, and its projected exploration;
in search of better worlds?

by Robert Melliard

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Very Pleasent and sweet poem by robert william service even i want that land but not for building domes but for enjoying carols
There is such foresight in this poet. Today we fight to keep some pieces of natural land in tact, then, nobody anticipated the ruination of our planed through greed.
There is such foresight in this poet. Who could then know that greed and over development would destroy all, but some, of our natural heritage places? !