Take Your Own Things (King) : เอาของของรัฐและกษัตริย์คืนไป

Jesus was returning the coins to Caesar;
His kindly love with eternal life was a karma.
Junta and its king suppressed Dhammakaya temple;
The abbot has recently been stripped off the title,
But, his Buddhist virtue is more attractive and popular.
(Brian P.)


by Prayad Pantasri

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Very Pleasent and sweet poem by robert william service even i want that land but not for building domes but for enjoying carols
There is such foresight in this poet. Today we fight to keep some pieces of natural land in tact, then, nobody anticipated the ruination of our planed through greed.
There is such foresight in this poet. Who could then know that greed and over development would destroy all, but some, of our natural heritage places? !