Bird! Sing!

- Hey, you! Bird! Sing!
- Impossible, I mean
You should first pay.
- Aha! OK!
10 pence?
__________- Oh!
I don’t know.
- Have I paid too little?
- Hem!
_______- Well. Can’t a bit
More money improve
Its mournful mood?
10 pence.
__________- This sum is
Not enough for his
_________- What?
________________- Or he’ll
Loose his voice.
______________- I will
Pay 35.
________- Please, pay
A pound.
_________- Noway!
Once I paid 90
Pence for a CD
With my favourite
Songs, and you say it…
- Yesterday, when he had
Sung some songs, you said
That my bird sang best
Of all. If he rests,
He’ll be all right. And
______- My CD…
________________- Then
Take your player, switch on
And use your headphones.

by Konstantin Ananin

Comments (4)

A brilliant tickle poem my the humourous lines...well penned
There is humor there is voice there is suspense there is noise/////// but eventually there is spirit and that comes through. Thanks - arya
Great humour you have here, rare to see such original work here. Keep on good work. Best wishes. A.
Nicely crafted as always my friend...Humor sense poetry again...10+++