Dealing With Life Alone

Stranded, at a loss, left alone to deal with life, forgetting
what it feels like to be loved one minute for oneself.

Logically looking forward to dying a final death, realizing
the aloneness, and emptiness life is when you have no one.

Discovering even a close friend has no interest in what you
do, whether you're around or not.

A friend who doesn't bother calling or looking for you even
when they know you are in need or afraid of falling apart.

There is no one as life crumbles into dust, taking with it,
the last particles of once vivid dreams and hope.

Left deadened, out on a limb, no longer caring to hang on,
watching the wind blow the last particles of your life's
hopes out of sight, lost forever, somewhere.

No friend around to see the final damage done, rising from
the ground after having let go of the limb, walking away
empty-hearted, all hope gone.

Getting through each day of life alone and unloved, never
knowing anyone, going astray on a final path to death's

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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I like this poem .it is.very heart touching
nicely observing the bird himself soars high in imagination like a bird to watch all down like a bird...Pablo's another master piece-10
I saw how wings worked!
Pablo Neruda was a poet acutely aware of the dynamic of symbols that help redefine the world around us and our place in it, and his poems often sought to resolve the separation between the self and the natural world. Referencing the elements of earth, air, water, and fire in stunning language, Neruda’s poems are passionately evocative, like the opening stanza of ''Bird''..
he want to fly in the skkkkkkkyyyyyyy
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