Birds(10 Short Poems)

Birds {10 short poems}

Oh, you little birds;
Happy to see you in your nest, so pretty,

by DEEPAK KUMAR PATTANAYAK Click to read full poem

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whats up laker gang!
wazzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa laker gang
Of all living things, there's something about birds that never fail to move mankind, especially a poetic mind. The power of your liquid verse I think matches with the power of bird's liquid notes, as you said. A lovely poem.
Great poems on Birds, I agree with Rajnish Ji's comments.
The combination of ten short poems regarding birds has much impact on readers for its beautiful narration and haunting expresssion. Each little poem is unique on its own perception. Birds are beautiful creatures of God who are closely associated with nature. Their songs, their gaits and their looks are interesting and are able to provide peace and glee. Dear Deepk, you have astutely and aptly presented this poem. The last stanza is much impressive. Thank u too much. Full vote.
It's marvelous. Poet overwhelmed by the sentiments aroused by the presence of birds. This bouquet of ten poems devoted to the pleasure of being in the company of sweet birds is just wonderful. Thanks.
By lyrical perception we know that living things join in the unfolding of time: SUCH IS THE POWER OF YOUR/ LIQUID NOTES MELTING DOWN DARKNESS/ INTO DAWN... By lyrical imagination, one realm of experience merges with another: CARRY LIVE ORCHESTRA ON WINGS/ DELIVER PRICELESS MELODIES... By lyrical expansiveness, we reach out in spirit to other creatures: CARRY ME ON YOUR WINGS TO HEAVEN/ WHERE HAPPINESS FLOWS EVER AND EVER...
Oh, birds, tell me your secrets Of happiness that I long for ever Or carry me on your wings to Heaven Where happiness flows ever and ever....... Verily, a lovely poem, Loved reading it......10
This is a lovely poem about birds! Thanks for sharing, Deepak K, Pattanayak!
Such is the power of your Liquid notes melting down darkness Into dawn to greet the day- king at morn.- - - I would say such is the power of your poems to melt down the darkness of gloomy moments.It is really a wonderful poem.10/10
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