Limerick.22. Duty Bound

A patient to a doctor said so sore
"I can't bear this pain any more
Kill me…I want to die
My lips are going dry"
Said the doc, "For that I am called for"

by Valsa George

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Vivid expressions of the wonder of these creatures here. There are two beautiful blue birds that almost daily perch on the deck surrounding the back of the house and they are beauties...In my heart though I mostly love the vivid yellow little finch, of which there are so many......marci.xo
You know there back here...the robin redbreast starts singing at 5 am before the sun even comes your lofty piece here: O)
My mother always thought I would have an ornathological carreer. I regularly recall her saying I had a way with the birds. (I think that's what she said?) Danny
applause - from a bird lover. great to read!