VK (03-12-1958 / kannur-kerala-India)

Birds In The Battle Field

</>Fire pouring missiles
falling one by one
All are running
Here and there

Voise of Ambulance
Noise of crowd and cry
Luckily become the
Green lawn as Red

Disrupted roads
Demolished Heads
Protest with bodies
And sholder missiles toys

In a lonley dry tree
Little birds are weeping
The mother collecting patiently
The half burned grains.

by Vinod Kumar

Comments (15)

Little birds are weeping. good
This is a very good poem Vinod - you have captured the essence of war quite succinctly. It has the quiet surety of a Rupert Brooke - who is, as you may well know, one of the most respected of 'War poets.' Please have a read of my 'Running for Cover' and give me your opinion. Many thanks and well done! Kevin
Voise of Ambulance Noise of crowd `n` cry Guns and tons of memories........Well written.The Kharasch Effect of representing war crimes considered to be fair..
The panick, the sadness, the desolation. I hear it all in this poem. Such over whelming sadness. thank you for inviting me to read your poetry. I am new here. I will share my own in time.
This is rather good and I appreciate the attention to spelling and grammatical structure. Something that many of your countrymen ignore. May I point out that 'voice' has a 'c' and I think you may have meant 'shower of missiles’. Please read mine - Time For Another - Adeline
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