*birds On A Wire

I wish I were a bird on a wire,
As they gather at sunset, the world to inspire.
Huddled on every square inch they can find,
Like clumps of seaweed on a fowled anchor line.
Gleefully gathered in their grand social state,
Warming the wires as the cool day gets late.
I smile as they share both their warmth and their song,
Then cheerfully welcome the night that’s so long.
In that fellowship of feathers you never will see,
A better example of what God meant to be.


by Gary Bryson

Comments (3)

What a wonderful painting of the light's good-bye. Your lyrics shine, Gary. Warm regards, Sandra
What a beautiful poem one that has put a picture of inspiration in my mind the words are perfect cheers Sylvie.
An excellent piece of work...you have described a very vivid mind picture of birds on a wire. I once tried to write of this same thing, but my mind was blank, just could not do it..... so glad that you did!