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Birds, Trees And Me
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Birds, Trees And Me

Poem By AHO Speaks

What I wish my next life to be
As a strong; tall and sturdy tree
To see all the different birds living in their nest, for me to see.

I have seen all the colors from dark to blue
The color of life's green to fall's brillant hue's
To see and touch the renewal, that is given to me and you.

Some birds are special and some unique and some yet to fly
Birds toil, have babies and I have never seen one cry
I have picked up an injured bird but never saw one die.

Birds are special in the morning as you hear their chatter and call
Our beautiful sun to be there, as wide as it is tall
Image; God created humans to walk and not fall.

We did finally get our chance to fly
Inside something called an airplane to hold you and I
Two men called the Wright brothers at Kittyhawk; they did try.

Now we come and go as quickly as we can
Even into weapons of war from the mind of only man
He who usually falls must pick himself up; when he does not understand.

Man has done many wonderful creative things from his mind
But still refuses to be inclusive with the other half of life; as if blind
He who gave us the thought; 'search and ye shall find'.

Man waits for his child to come and clean up his mess
Forgetting it is us whom they mimic and by their actions attest
We need not wait until, 'God's will is done on earth' nor until we confess.

08-27-05 Aho Speaks

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