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Birth Of Despair
(27/03/1990 / Flinders Medical center, South Australia, Australia)

Birth Of Despair

I am a man of Poland, man in a land invaded.
I am but content, that my house has not been raided.

I walk up, to my silent home, why does my wife ignore me.
I see my wife and son dead on the floor before me.
JEW, JEW, on the wall in blood like a damned profanity
I look in fear at the madness and insanity.

Two months I have walked the earth and no relief I have yet found.
One day, I saw soldier push a Rabbi to the ground.
He sees the symbol on my neck and puts the rifle to my head.
I now know he wants to make me like the poor Rabbi, Dead.
I wrestle him and put his own bullet through his Heart.
He writhes in pain and hit the dirt, like a twisted work of art.

I know and fear that in hell, I shall soon sit.
But I am more surprised that I was good at it.
So that day, I sold my soul to the dark.
And longer can I walk amongst, the free and lark.

The kraut soldier walks down the street, I crouch down in the Dairy.
He gets a bullet through his head, first to fall to the Mercenary.

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Comments (4)

An excellent poem Aidan, plenty of imagaryand content, well done.
Very moving poem Aidan. I am 50% Polish. I did not suffer like this and I am very grateful. So sad. Very nicely written. Sincerely, Mary
lovely country poland, , gave us chopin and pope john paul 2.
Just in case, you didn't work it out, this is the prelude to my Mercenary poems