Hi girl! This is my letter to you.
I am sorry for my blindness and glory.
I am so guilty for this insanity;
For the war that blows the young victims;
Killing any hope, and being with no dreams.
I must be condemned for my silence,
But I will say it, fearless:
Happy birthday!

Girl! You were innocent and greedy.
You’ve just shown the love’s paths
With bright eyes and fast steps.
And now, you cry:
There are too many thieves!
Dark sights of robbed lives!
I know.
The ghosts chased your lights
And banned your innocent wives,
But I still wait to hear the jingling
Of your little kids;
To open your shimmering doors,
For I believe to see your green and yellow face.
Oh dear spring! You, my newborn peace!

by hmimi djamel

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Though it is not fully clear to me I can feel the 'happy birth day' to your little girl with little kids...lovely