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A 14 year old boy, named
Ben went to see his
cousin Danielle for her birthday.
Danielle was turning 5, she loved to
eat chocolate cake with white
frosting. She loved to watch the power rangers and sing
Go, Go Power Rangers!
Her favorite thing to do was play
I Spy with Ben,
just because she'd win every time. Ben didn't
know what to get Danielle for her birthday, maybe a
lovely Strawberry Shortcake doll,
maybe she'll like it? He thought to himself,
Nah, probably not, so he decided to keep looking.
Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a
Polly Pocket. He grabbed it to buy, but started to
quiver as he walked up to the
register because he didn't want anyone to
see him buy it. He didn't want to get
teased for having a
Unicorn Polly Pocket, which was
very pink. He got to the register
where he saw his best friend,
Xavier, who was buying the same thing for his
younger sister

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