Hey, what’s so special on this day?
Though I happened to be born
Decades ago in West Bengal, India today

Does it make a cause for celebration?
Am I not born every morning?
Every night I die temporarily being
Severed from the conscious universe
While dwelling in oblivion!

Why night? Even during the day
I at times die momentarily
In my desires and thoughts
And born in brand new ideas and feelings
As I steer across
Countless waves of desires and thoughts
I become the ocean on occasions
Only to be back afresh further down!

So, death is a passing exit for me
From this changing body of mine
On to realm of a new deathless consciousness
To appear again in a nascent body
At a different space-time continuum
For enjoying beauty of this amazing universe
Anew and afresh
With a brand new body and its senses

So, I pray to God to remaining happy every day!
While thanking everybody on my Birthday
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

by Tushar Ray

Comments (3)

Tushar, I absolutely love this birthday poem! A unique input and outlook on something so ordinary in our lives as aging another year. So glad your birthday was a pleasant time for you and your family. Along with being a scientist you are an accomplished philosopher also. Great poem! ! Give a 10 for this poem. Thank you, RoseAnn
Great write! Profoundly philosophical. I too have toyed similar ideas in poems To Death and End Of The World. Please check if you have time. You are taking a 10 for this grand write.
Why night even the day brings happiness as wishes filled birthday. Wonderful poem shared.10.