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Birthday Smile

On your birthday, I was happy,
For I knew you wouldn’t be catty.
I felt I could call you ‘honey’,
But I feared you could be funny.
In my heart, I could shout,
But I couldn’t say it out.
I felt that I had love to share,
But you said you hadn’t love to spare.

So came the time to choose,
And I wouldn’t let myself loose,
For fear of being rejected,
Even though I had not been accepted.
And then came the moment to sing,
I was ushered into the ring.
I wasn’t in the mood,
But I thought it would be good.

I murmured, “you’re the queen of my heart”,
But chanted, “There’s rainfall in my heart’.
Ears widened, and fidgeting dwindled.
She dimmed hers eyes and then focused.
So, I added: “Give me a smile,
And I‘ll feel the sun shine”.
Just then appeared a smile on her face,
I felt like I was in space.
Joy gripped my heart.
Getting your smile was an art.

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