Birthday Wish 2

The flower blooms to spread its fragrance -to you and me,
The star twinkles to spread its light- to you and me,
The breeze blows to share its chillness-to you and me,
The water flows to quench the thirst of-you and me,
The nightingale sings to let his melody reach-you and me,
The peacock steps to the tune of nature-to mesmerise you and me:
Every little element in this nature does its part-to impress you and me;
But people like you took birth to share thy friendship with all of us!

by Queeny Gona

Comments (4)

Good birthday lyric Queen! I enjoyed! Amazing write!
Wow Queeny! A beautiful composition on friend. Who is that great friend? Me? ? ?
that's nice..cute lines
very impressive poem. voted10 surya