JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)


my liver is meditating
my little belly is meditating
my heart is meditating
the mind of my mind is meditating

the lake is meditating too
in the morning light
the sun is meditating..
in the lake of dawn light
azure sky, the breeze and
verdant bright green forest

the moon is meditating
on the rushes of the sea
the glitters of the stars
and the darkness of night

the night is meditating
on the intellectual
leaning of the moon
the sedated health giving
glow of the sun

the rain is meditating on
the pitter patter ballet
a finale of a rendevouz 10,000 feet
from where it has started out

the sound of rain is meditating
on the slanted gait and descent
of its circle game

the agile world tip toes in perfect wonder

this bodice and its components
it is an overcrowded apartment
of consciousness

I am the gall bladder pushed to
a little quiet corner, friendless, bitter,
clothed and fed on a divine shine
that glows in dark green

i let the others do their sacred will
the liver, the stomach, the eyes
ears, lungs and so many other glands

this bodice is a cave that echoes
things seen and unseen
where every little crevice is
an opportunity for life

these meditating selves that might become
flesh and bone of mine again
given a mouth, eyes, ears,

hands to feel, two feet to run
and a heart to harness and magnify
the greatness of love

i would love each of them so dearly
I would name them my heart, my soul,
my spleen, my love, my other self,

they run, waltz, and play with a self
that once sat, prayed and chanted
with them in a meditation retreat
spread over a sea of consciousness

by john tiong chunghoo

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