(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)


Biswas, is, as, was, saw!
How beautiful is your love mny sweet one?
Shop, chop, hop!
Of all the speckled and spotted goats;
But, the flock mated like love between classmates.

Name your wages and, i will pay it;
For, this is something for my household.
Love, dove!
Raise the flag high;
And like the sweet muse of Kunta Kinte´!

Male and female servants,
In the land of love and sweet joy!
But, i do have something for you in the camel's saddle.

Blazing touch!
With bread and wine;
But, a thong of a sandal is what you need,
For, this man brews his beer and tells his story as he drinks.

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