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Biting On Bone

You're too afraid of drowning
Is that why you take the plane
Don't you know this simple rule of life
What goes up comes down again

At school you were a whisper
And you know that something's wrong
When you're looking in your atlas
For a place where you belong

But who can strengthen shoulders
When confidence ain't shown
You only know you've tried it all
When you're biting on bone

You're too afraid of trying
'Cause your innocence may show
And even if you did it
Who on earth will ever know

You're too afraid of losing
'Cause losing is rough
But winning with the lights out
Is harder than tough

But who can shine the torches
On the hardship you condone
You can tell you've reached the end of the line
When you're biting on bone

When you think you could do better
And you're trying to understand
Why all the thoughts inside your head
Are bigger than your hand

Maybe in a lifetime
You'll achieve what you want to achieve
Half the way is behind you
When you're trying to believe

But who can tell the future
Nothing's set in stone
And you only feel you've done your best
When you're biting on bone

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