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Bits Of Dust Blown About

Quiet now in Meng's restaurant
in Coney Island as
Treasure felt Sugar’s belly
smiled, said, “Bernstein, you.”
“Big, ” I said, gently caressing
the life within her, twin boys.
David Cohen stared at Sugar
reached into his pocket
pulled out a twenty saying, “A present
for your babies
because Heinrich Gross died yesterday.”
She took the twenty kissing
94 year old David Cohen on the cheek.
Just then I heard, “Bernstein.”
It was Owen, a decent fellow who lived
in his own mind, spinning yarns
and today wearing a cowboy hat.
“Just got back from doing
some helicopter skiing in Banff,
that’s near Lake Louise.
Nothing like it anywhere in the world,
like close to God.”
“And did you happen to ask
the gentleman why he gave
Gross ninety years of life? ” asked David Cohen.
Not responding
Owen went on, “And lucky I was there
cause I saved three people
buried for a week. They was living
on M&Ms and snow.”
Suddenly Sugar laughing saying,
“They’re kicking.”
Treasure feeling, nodding,
then taking Cohen’s trembling hand
under the tee shirt to flesh.
His face, that moment, like he would never
die, the glow, touching
so much life, then another twenty to Sugar
saying, “Gross is dead. I beat him.”
“Who is he? ” asked Sugar
gently placing the second twenty
between her blossoming breasts.
“He experimented on children in WWII
and was never punished for his crimes.”
Owen removed his hat, said,
“Sorry for your loss.” Then leaned forward
saying, “Bernstein knows
what I’m talking about.”
“Yes, yes I do.”
“This big dude saved me from
being gobbled up whole
by a forty foot
Anaconda in Brazil.”
“Yes, yes I did, ” I said, as my hand
drifted into Sugar’s belly
stroking the boisterous lads
impatient for their turn.

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Rudyard Kipling


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Charles, I like it, but I do not know if all these people are pure fiction or based on real people. If I understand it correctly, David Cohen has outlived his nemesis, Heinrich Gross, a nazi scientist who experimented on children and lived to be ninety years old. Treasure is a woman who is pregnant with twins. Owen is a helicopter pilot, and Bernstein who is telling the story is a Jewish man who understands the holocost and may have some personal connection to it. I am guessing that all of these people are in Africa. I think that Lake Louise is in Africa, but I could be wrong. It's a nice twist to have all these men having their discussion of the Nazi monster who experimented on children while feeling the belly of a woman with twins on the way who would not have survived if Hitler's eugenics philosophy had been embraced world wide. Life goes on in the aftermath of history's cataclismic and terrifying wakes of violence. Good read. I am going to do a bit of internet surfing and read it again.