Bitten By Lust

I have been poisoned by lust
Bitten by the fangs of passion
An incredible thing
That if you have not experienced, you can't imagine

Dark love comes through the night
Bringing with him absolution
Discovering chambers thought to be well guarded
Now being opened up with stories to tell
Divulging in the intamacy
Doing his best to hold on to me
He needn't worry, for i shall not leave

His passionate poison runs through me
Awakening senses long asleep
Calling to me, making me need
Unfairly making me plead
Constantly in a state of tease
And me, craving for him to bite me

by Guarded Heart

Comments (2)

reminds me of 'queen of the damned', very nice. i'm impressed.
If the vampire you, then it you shall have, figurativly as much as literaly... very nice write