TC (April 10th,1987 / Green Bay, Wisconsin)

Bitter Addiction

Spastic wings beat against closed fingers
That surround her, padded bars of flesh
He doesn’t know what he has caught
She his prisoner once their eyes met

Trapped inside those dark and piercing eyes
Mesmerized always by the light of this flame
How can a hunger seize her so tight?
That her insides won’t forget his name?

A taste…just one, lit her up inside...
Something that looked so ordinary was not…
If she could have known what it would do to her
To follow his voice, she might have tried to stop/

To know she would be forced to leave it back there
But that it would still be with her always
Might have been warning enough to talk her self out
Of strolling down his delicate hall ways…

Because then her fingers wouldn’t still tingle where
She gently dragged them across his skin…
Her body wouldn’t heat up with the memory
Of the pleasure she had once let in…

She never would have known their was really someone
That could know her before they knew her name…
But she had to look into his eyes that first day
That yearning for passion untamed…

She did not know how a stranger could peer into her soul
How she knew in an instant who he was and craved it.
It had never happened to her before and never will again
An addiction, coming down, always craving the next hit.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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