Bitter Battle

The scorching sand is set to die
beneath the tree-shaded sky;
Experience life’s dark and light,
and don’t give up without a fight.

The moon that pulls the seas waxes and wanes in Heaven;
Our assumptions on her contrariness may be forgiven.
And the sun that burns the days, lights our ambitions at its hest;
Life’s chosen ones are warmed and truly blest.

Alec does the work followed by many;
The admass pay more than a pretty penny;
The consumer’s experience is the acme of the Brand;
You’ve just been had: welcome to the Promised Land!

All those who know the tribulations of the community,
Know the disease that affects its members’ affinity:
Janus-faced politicians whose principles we uphold,
Are petty tyrants carved from a hellish mould.

The kal-yug of tomorrow is the ever-passing today;
After who or what the deluge, doesn’t matter or it may-
The light that has many colors is bound by Nature’s law,
Bargain hunters have wagered Earth’s survival in this see-saw.

An inconvenient truth is a hill to climb,
For you to bolt past, posture, or be left behind;
Billions of particles left out in space,
Aye, do they spell doom for our race?

Copyright © SC
5th February 2008

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Comments (9)

poetic in words...flowing with depth brilliantly thought-of piece.. inspiring and painting a picture of reality in life really a bitter battle.....bettersweet.. thanks for sharing... 10+++ lovelots, Maia
The consumer’s experience is the acme of the Brand; You’ve just been had: welcome to the Promised Land! nice words, great imagery, i dont think i have understood it fully well beacuse there are so many messages in it.........u are teacher....blessed are ur students..
This is a very effective piece indeed...I felt the words of inspiration....yet the thing is when you go to the real face all the challenges and the uphill battle is easier said than done though...yet, if these can't speak to the core of the reader's work can i think..strong /effective piece..nice one sir...10+++ regards shan
beautiful like history..well penned poem..grace
A thought provoking poem! I only hope this Kaly-yug don't end in spelling out our doom! 10+ -Raj Nandy
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