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Bitter Beggar Woman
MCA ( / Kingston, Jamaica)

Bitter Beggar Woman

Poem By Marguerite C. Anderson

'Bitter beggar woman' - that's your version of who I am?

I who nurture your children a decade, almost a score

Contorting my body to an unwanted twenty pounds more,

cursing my fate for the diligent years of labour.

I, the bitter beggar woman, what have I left to savour?

While you hang out with the guys, recreating your youth

While you salivate over the neighbour in her long-legged stiletto shoes,

While you ‘make love' to me...infrequently and out of duty,

Am I not entitled to an ounce of your charity?

If I am a bitter beggar woman, have you not seen me beg for your time?

I have no pension or bounties for my golden years;

All I have are my still-fresh tears.

I beg to be free

But freedom isn't even mine.

I am Married....a curse I must bear

Like a crown of thorns on my head, my fate I wear.

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An excellent poem, and very true and to the point. There are countless people trapped in loveless marriages, who stay for the childrens sake or are to afraid to change things and escaspe.