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Bitter Blue Blanket

chocolate chip cookie bitter blue blanket
tie dyed shirt and buttermilk biscuit
i cant help you when u need a kiss
songs are born of pain such as this

chanting her name while she charms
lost again in her crimson berry arms
Lost in a bitter blue blanket
Lost in a haze of angry black tornadoes

And then, a wavy haired skateboarder smiles up at me
'lighten up dude' is all he says
I grin and instantly the world is righted again
Ice cream flows down a chocolate mountain

Cast off the bitter blue blanket
Bathe in the sun eat yellow air
She will learn to be fair
She will learn to be fair

Beau Golden

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Comments (2)

I really like this piece Beau! That kid got it right on the nail! Loosen up dude, life it too short and should be, a beautiful sport! I love skaters, they are soooooooo free and easy to get along with. You must have read my mind darling Beau! I was thinking of you yesterday. Too ridiculous a co-incidence for words, that you should turn up on this shite site, today. OMG! Im a mind bender as well as gorgeous, poetic and slender! lol not to mention modest. Smiling at you Tai, liking your crisp, on it style.
wonderful interesting piece.........................well done! ! !