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Bitter Butter

Bitter Butter

Dont think of her again
surely you shall go insane
my mom adviced me
oh mom let it be
I replied her
being erratic for my brain
is far far better
rather than just being
like a rotten butter

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Comments (6)

Ew! you pained that picture...I wouldnt want to be that girl! Great write!
I love it! ! the title is perfect Bitter butter sound just right... Wishing you a lovely day Pia
Betty Batter bought a bit of bitter butter, but she said this butter's bitter, so she bought a bit of better butter, now she's better for this bit of bitter butter that now is better butter. Cheers, again!
yup i lk this one but if only u had a little more emotion on wat you feel other than rotten butter but its all good
Ah yes, Putholi, the drama is so much for worthwhile than the emptiness. Great title too. love, Allie xxxx
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