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Bitter Love

How many times,
have I been startled
by the sound of a fallen leaf
As your foot step?

How often have I wandered
into the spaces of my inner heart
To search for words
That have faded
with memory?

Were those words for real
Or only fragments of my imagination ?

Now there is a growing distance
Leaving my heart to bleed
If it was a destined fate
Tell me,
Why you endeared me
By your sweet love?

by Bharati Nayak

Comments (21)

So sweet of you.Love is bitter _?
You articulate so finely the bittersweet nature of love. The loved one may well reappear some day. There are so many words that I wonder if they were real or just imagination. Very moving.
This amazing poem laudably articulates the negative facet of love! The last two lines in the form of a million mark question makes it a poignant piece of poetry! I admire the ink..!
This poem is deeply moving. The speaker has been hurt badly by her beloved's withdrawal of his love. And her plight is sad for sure. B-U-T she retains her integrity and preserves the love he had abandoned. She has grown morally through her loss and suffering. Every word she speaks is blessed with her goodness of spirit. What a treasure this man has lost by his lack of her depth of love.
This is so beautiful it takes my breath away. The scene is sad because this parting is terminal, there is no shred of hope for some future reunion. But there is no trace of bitterness or anger. Instead what comes through is the poet's GRATITUDE for what she received and not anger that she wasn't given more. This is the truest expression of love when a person LETS GO of her beloved because that person needs their freedom. There is a goodness in this poem which will haunt me with its truth.
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