To The River --

Fair river! in thy bright, clear flow
Of crystal, wandering water,
Thou art an emblem of the glow
Of beauty- the unhidden heart-
The playful maziness of art
In old Alberto's daughter;

But when within thy wave she looks-
Which glistens then, and trembles-
Why, then, the prettiest of brooks
Her worshipper resembles;
For in his heart, as in thy stream,
Her image deeply lies-
His heart which trembles at the beam
Of her soul-searching eyes.

by Edgar Allan Poe

Comments (3)

All alone and scared inside, but dare you let one know. i think that everyone feels this way from time to time.i really liked the rhythm of this piece.
all old men turn bitter. that is why they get married to someone nice, to feed them sugar to make them sweet again. PYT
I wonder who this poem was written about...share that with me if you would... Thanks Hugs, Dee