Vicksburg Battlefield

The cannons in the shadowed trees are mute;
the autumn leaves yet shed a silent tear.
The war that ended many years ago,
has faded from the freshened atmosphere.

Now gentle flags that flutter on the graves,
recall the pain and blood where armies fell.
And multitudes of tombstones line the hill,
as somber spirits cast a ghostly spell.

Although I wonder what we failed to learn,
from endless wars where soldiers go to die,
mankind seems heedless of my fervent prayer,
yet hushed again by one more battle cry.

Still falling leaves caress the somber field,
and grieve where fragile soldiers lie concealed.

by Barry Middleton

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Comments (7)

dang! what restraint! what sticking to the facts! and what pictures to make me know the feeling he evokes. -glen kappy
Enormity and depth of grief expressed is simply touching. Thanks for sharing.
Expression of grief has many ways. Struggling with that grief has many ways too. This poem expresses it in such an effective way. It's like harsh afternoon meeting timid dusk.
It's a slow process.... Perfectly depicted here...
Plant a tree and name it after a deceased friend. Grief!
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