(January 10, 1928 / Detroit, Michigan)

A Caring Heart

A caring heart will never stray
even when its owner has to go away.
It will think of its happy home
dismissing thoughts of wanting to roam.
No pastures are ever greener
than the ones in your backyard.
A home is the hearth of the family
and love will always keep it warm.
A caring heart will always
consider this as it goes on its way.
When temptation is near
a caring heart will steer clear
and use the loving star
to guide it safely back home.

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Comments (7)

dang! what restraint! what sticking to the facts! and what pictures to make me know the feeling he evokes. -glen kappy
Enormity and depth of grief expressed is simply touching. Thanks for sharing.
Expression of grief has many ways. Struggling with that grief has many ways too. This poem expresses it in such an effective way. It's like harsh afternoon meeting timid dusk.
It's a slow process.... Perfectly depicted here...
Plant a tree and name it after a deceased friend. Grief!
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