Original - A Place In Your Heart

My life has been just a dream
Full of nightmares and cold sweats
Occasional visions of peace and love
It is in those visions I saw your face

God has a plan, a road map if you will
It has lead me down many rough roads
And up some very steep hills in my life
All this i now see as I approach fifty

Was only a test, a practice of sorts
To prepare me for meeting my vision
The reoccurring face I have dreamed of
We are so different yet so much alike

I have been so near to you so many times
But have never met you anywhere before
It took the digital age to bring us together
I have had others I felt were my true loves

But none has connected to me on this level
The relationship developing between us
Is something more than I can explain in words
Not merely true love or even soul mates

But more in line with kindred spirits
I am so glad I have stuck to the path
That God has laid out before me
Many times I wanted to jump off course

And chase what the devil had to offer
But then I would have never met you
I look forward to the day when we
Can spend days on end with each other

If that so be God's will, If not I will
Enjoy what time I have with you
I live every moment thanking God for you
When we are apart I will dream of being together

When we are together I will protect you from harm
I will hold you captive in the bonds of love
For you have stolen something dear to me, my heart
I do not want it back, all i ask in return is for a place in yours

by Don Haney

Comments (2)

Excellent choice of title which repeats itself in each stanza. Very well executed.
that was cool the way you like wrote it i really liked it cool. Lylyanna