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Poem By M. Tickle

It was all of fifteen years ago
It seemed so heaven sent
And people cheered so wildly
At this marvelous royal event
It all seemed like a fairy tale
The magnificence of the scene
It surely was a triumph
And the best there's ever been
Emmanual the best designer
Excelled with all the special finery
The world agog with special pride
To see Prince Charles and charming bride
The bells rang out with wild acclaim
As bridesmaids held the royal trine
A gentle hush as they came out
The crowd bust out with joyful shouts
On the palace balcony they stand
The finest picture in the land
Relations uncles, aunts and kings
All eager to admire the ring
The next news was the royal babes
The princes which were all the rage
But certain moods began to show
And Diana took herself a beau
Charles already had a lover
How could this union recover
Their separation is complete
The story ends with bitter sweet.

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