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AC (October 5,1988 / )


Poem By Andrea Cebrecos

I am one
Looking for the young woman that
I am to become
I thought I had found her
In the sweltering heat of summer
Filled with love and pleasant surprises
She was certainly better than those other me’s
Always wearing a smile
Even when situations were grim
Her patience skyrocketed
Along with her optimism which
The other me’s laughed at
Since when had I become an optimist?
I’ve grown tired of her though
And in my desperate attempt to get rid of her
I’ve created a new self that’s worse
This one’s inpatient and entertaining
Always playing with people
Never taking the word maybe
But she seems to always draw back when I’m alone
And the other one comes up and takes control
They rile me up so much that
Two single emotions within me rise up
The famous cliché “love and hate”
So take a look at me and see
How I’ve become the definition of bittersweet


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This is a very well written poem Andrea. I think we all go through this confused stage at some point in our lives. Andrew