Poem Hunter
KH (October 11,1988 / West Allis, Wisconsin)


I know you care,
I've seen you cry.
Just for me,
I've seen you try.
In your eyes,
I saw the love.
Thought you were sent,
From skys above.
But now you say,
It all meant naught.
And in my throat,
My breath is caught.
I still see it there,
The love you had,
So how can you say,
That all this was bad?
'Why do you lie,
I don't understand.
I know you still love me,
Now just take my hand.'
But you didn't take it,
You just walked away,
Saying 'I'm sorry it's over,
But that's how it will stay.'
You'll never know,
How you hurt me that day,
When you turned and you left me,
And just walked away.
The days that we shared,
Meant something to you.
You might not admit it,
But I know it's true.
So I'll love you forever,
I'll love you for always,
My heart will be yours,
Till the end of todays.

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