Bla Bla Blaaaa

I got a new Stick
Not to long, not to Thick
It's also 'not' Thin
and doesn't weigh Much
but very smooth
To the human Touch
The color of Tea
Or it might be Black
One could Disagree
Also it has a Crack
That poor Stick
and it was free
Bla Bla Blaaaaaa.....

by David Darbyshire

Comments (3)

Esther I write 'Bla' the french way...was first said in 1763 in a court room when the accusded said to the Judge ' bla bla bla' then he got his head cut off....200 hundred years later in USA they say now ' blah Blah' and the 'H' that they added was for.......Hopeless...hahahahaha Kiss Hug dave
Dave, you are SO easy to please! Well, I've got a new stick too, one I collected outside to swing at vicious dogs that may attack on my walks, and it IS long and it IS thin and it is bark in color. I'm easy to please too! (Isn't language wonderful? You spell 'bla' your way; I spell it mine: 'blah' - yet, we still understand each other! MAGEEK! ! !) Est : ]
Be careful you don't poke your eye out with your mew stick..... lol Patricia