A Girl

There was this girl,
I used to know
She never let her feelings
Ever show.
But that girl changed her friends,
So that was the end,
of my little friend.

She now says ‘her life rots’
And when she looks in the mirror
she wants to chuck.
so she should
for she left behind this hurt
the hole in my heart where
she used to go.
But I guess she is more important than I
And that really makes me cry,
Cry so much,
That I cut and I cut and I cut.

by black broken heart

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More interesting is the juxtaposition of these three leaders that fought for civil rights and how an assassin quashed their ideals, and their lives, far too soon. Nice work.
Yes it is well documented that the blak man has suffered as like the American Indian-perhaps. These two races have both endured. Now we have a black President that a lot of us voted into office. Not because of the color of his skin. But because he was and is the best man suited for the job. Racism needs to become instinct like the dinosaurs of past. We all need to live for the moment and future, instead of living in the past of heart ache and sad sorrow. Peace to all men and women. Color and race does not need to be a barrier but emerge into a phase of happiness towards all men. Long live peace. Great poem! God bless us all-MJG.