JW ( / Rice Lake, Wisconsin, USA)

Black Angel

Silently angel, black as night.
Blinded by the heavenly light.
Take from me just to spite.
All the things that I've done right.
All the voices that I hear.
All the things that I hold dear.
Seeing all the things I fear.
Shedding my forbidden tears.
Angel wings flying by,
Hold me as I sit and cry,
Never thought to say good-bye
Sleep beneath the empty sky.
Love me, leave me, never tell.
An empty soul that you can sell.
Never stop to wish me well.
Is this life, or is this hell.
Sing me slowly off to sleep.
All the secrets that I must keep.
Sit beside me, watch me weep.
Forgotten years never creep.
Blackness circles all around.
Never thought to make a sound.
All the sorrow I have found.
In empty silence I am bound.

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