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Black Angel
SW (September 21,1991 / Forestville, CA)

Black Angel

Poem By Samantha White

All these voices in my head,
Please make them stop I wish I was dead.
The beat of my black heart is slowly ceasing;
my will to live is slowly decreasing.
By twisted darkness I'm being consumed,
I won't be ok like everyone assumes.
I feel lost in a world that I don't understand,
Abused and alone with no one to hold my hand.
I feel so empty with my tattered soul;
my broken heart will never again be whole.
In my life quickly growing is a void,
my hopes and dreams are cruelly destroyed.
O help me please to escape this world,
the tears on my cheeks with black are swirled.
Stumbling, falling through thoughtless confusion,
my fake smiles and laughs create an illusion.
Everyone thinks I'm happy and fine,
while in my head reside thoughts that aren't even mine.
I feel every single emotion all twisted together,
all I see in my life is stormy weather.
My cries for help seem to go unheard;
my wings are broken like a fallen bird.
A beautiful angel suddenly turned to black,
Sinking down below never to come back.

By: Samantha White

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