Black As The Rainbow…

As the sun goes down on my spirit
The darkened sky rises black above it
Clouds of infinite destinies begin to cry
Not knowing of any reason why.

Under pressure, the clouds grow thick
Slowly time passes, yet the rain has yet to drip
The sky grew from black to grey
Choking any thoughts of yesterday.

The past lives despite attempting to be free
The future tries to grow like a deforested tree
The rain starts to fall like little dark beads
Strung into necklaces, drowning un-nurtured seeds.

Black rain streaked through the sky
Like it had nothing better to do, or try
Trapped in the present between hello and goodbye
It fell without trying, remorseful with nowhere to lie.

It rained down black upon the ocean's grim face
And spread its black upon the open sea in disgrace
The black moon knows the end is inside
And behind the dark shadows it did hide.

Dark Clouds hang the black rainbow in frame
No one knows, sightless of the beauty, hidden in shame
The rain is thick like bloodletting from above
A strange sign of black coloured lover's love.

Then as it left, leaving sounds bereft, it whispered in my ear
"Black rain will fall again, whenever you are near"
I wanted to know black rain's truth, yet it remained a mystery
That black pain it put forth, in the way the answers alluded me.


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💚💚 you speak to my soul
Deep and dark, black and grey. Strong feelings are fertile seeds that may blossom into superb poetry. Writing the feelings down in such original verses may create the space that they need to move on.