BCF ((May 13th,1988- / New York)

Black Bird

Doves flying through the sky
High, High, in the sky
Looking down upon that Black Bird

They swoop down upon the world
Upon the world they feel so superior
Superior to that Black Bird

They eat worms and keep supply up
supply up on them worms
Worms they won't share with the Black Bird

Doves get all the envy from the other birds
Doves make other birds feel like Ugly birds
Doves make no birds feel uglier then the Black Bird

The Black Bird is not envious of the Doves
He smiles, shares nesting homes, and shows them love
Love is shown by the Black Bird.

They degrate, beat, and torture everything Black Bird's about
but still it's rare 2 hear words of anger come from Black Bird's mouth
They make Black Bird work, they take from him his life
Those Prejudice Snobby Doves.

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