DB (4/9/86 / Los Angeles)

Black Black Butterfly

Black Black butterfly flitting so
Freely through the warm sky
How you are so misunderstood
And under appreciated
Sometimes the perfect picture
Society tries to paint over
Life is so over rated!

Misconception and lack of
Understanding follows you
Every wear you glide
And weighs down your
Glorious wings leaving you
Nowhere to hide.

Your beauty is never
And your darkness if forbidden
In this time…so when you fly
It is always solo and not even the wind
Is kind.

Still you fly and soar,
High above the unstableness,
High above the loneliness,
But not high enough to escape
The feeling of being undesired

Fly..fly…black butterfly
Until the arrival of the midnight
Sky; the only place that brings
You joy so much.

Is that because you blend in with
The dark purplish heavens
Feeling comfort being unseen
And untouched?

Hurt no more black butterfly
Because I love you unconditionally
Cry no more black butterfly
And spread those beautiful wings and I
Shall soar with you…for I am with you
and you are in me.

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