KNS (July 14,1965 / New York)

Black Clouds

Blackness fills my room too quick, This sadness is coming on too thick…
I can't stop this feeling that is taking over my very thoughts, I am lost in the darkness of the clouds and I don't see anyone around.
"Come save me please, " don't let me drift into the blackness of my mind; don't let me lose my soul because I am out of control.
This depressed feeling has me in the blackness of the clouds not being able see what beauty that it possess, and how powerful the clouds are when they unite as one.
This feeling has my eyes closed to a new day, to the rain that will wash away all the imperfections of yesterday and breathe in the new beginning of today.
We can look at those black clouds as a pitiful day or open your eyes to a lesson learned and embrace the beauty that God has made in the blackness of the clouds.

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