Black Coffee, Wednesday Morning.

'So I take it you're going to be
there next weekend then? '

She's stood in the kitchen
wearing one of my shirts,
a smile and nothing else.

'Erm....I don't think so baby,
not really my scene.'

She continues to stir her coffee
but her shoulders have tensed
and suddenly the atmosphere
has gotten a lot darker.

'But you promised me...'

I can see her staring into her mug,
watching the black liquid swirl
in a whirlpool effect,
biting hard down on her
natural reaction,
wanting to explode,
wanting to scream at me,
but knowing that if she did
it'd get her no where.

'Yeah baby I know I did just isn't me'

She turns and pads softly
back to where I lay
and perches herself on the end
of the bed.

She bows her head ever so slightly
and resumes stirring her drink.

'But I need you there.
I need your support.
I never ask anything of you but I'm asking you this,
Please come....'

How many men have been where
I now find myself?
How many times have we opened
our mouths only to find that our
conviction just isn't strong enough?

I want to tell her that I can't do it.

But I know that I'll crumble
and she does to.

I reach a hand out and stroke
her hair,
She raise's her face to me and
smile's just a little.

'We'll see baby...'

Seven day's later and I'm there,
front row centre,
surrounded by her friends and family
as she looks him in the eye
and without even flinching say's....

'I do....'

by Neil Gray

Comments (2)

Well structured Neil, a wonderful write and full of insightfulness
your poem read so well, not only that you manage to keep the reader from guessing what will happen, of course I thought that the man in the poem was going to attend a show, or something that she was in. Then I reached the last line and everything seems so very different. The pity i felt for the lady was suddnely poured onto the man. You excell at what you do Neil, and that is write great poems. Best wishes and much respect. Vincent