(2/18/94 / some where in this universe muhahaha)

Black Curtain

They walk with the black curtain over their faces
They gather others with the pain it leaves behind
The people live in darkness nothing in their minds
Their faces are blank no expresion no feeling

Those who have seen know what it does
Those who know weep in solitude and sorrow
They don't look forward to today or tomorrow
They know everything yet they know nothing

The peoples skin all white and sickened
Their voices a raspy mist
All they look for all they long for is peace and bliss
Their cloths worn and tattered

They know there is no cure
They know there is no hope, no place for them to rest
For they know they will soon be one less
They know there is no cure they know they will rot away

They walk through this aweful place
With dread and dispare
Everyone knows, and try not to stare
Yet it is so hard to sheild your eyes, to hold back the tears

The black curtain lays over their eyes
The cloth that shall never be lifted
For it is too far they have drifted
The curtain falls over their faces

The darkness sets in
They know the time has come for them to leave this place
There is no expresion on their faces
As the curtian and sickness leaves

They will suffer no more
They will go home
And will never be alone
For the curtain is lifted and they are in the light once more

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Comments (2)

exellent piece Beth, It's good to have another dark poet on our side.
A clever taste of Darkside verse.Mellifluous stanzic movement, throughout. [Just a constructive comment: Fifth stanza..line1.... Do you mean '''aweful'''...as in awestriking, or is this a type-o of the word '''awful'''? I only ask, as with the theme, you have chosen...both terms would easily apply.You might want to choose a an alternative word to ensure that your fine work is construed as you want it to be. Otherwise...stellar work, young lady...Keep that pen pumpin'! ~ FjR ~