Black Dog Running

Today while driving a rural road
just a few minutes from my house,
I saw a black dog running toward me on
the right shoulder of the road,
Although it was but a split-second,
the black dog’s eyes met mine…

I asked myself;
Where is he going?
What’s his name?
What’s his purpose?
What does he think about?
What does he feel?

Is the black dog a metaphor for me?

I asked myself:
Where am I going?
What’s my name?
What’s my purpose?
What do I think about?
What do I feel?

Am I a metaphor for the black dog?

How does the black dog help balance nature?
How do I help balance nature?

I then realized,
The black dog and I were,
one and the same! Two creatures,
defining the present and future in
any given moment with our aliveness!

“Life, not purpose is what really matters”

I glanced at the rear view mirror
and saw the black dog grow
smaller and smaller,
His tail was happily wagging,
and seemed to say…

“Glad to see that you finally get it, Ray”


by Ray Lucero

Comments (6)

Wow! What a wonderful perspective. Rare expression of this kind. Good one buddy.
ich bin der hund. i like this poem.
It would be interesting to compare this with the dog's version. Good poem, Ray.
I love it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I like that just living is the purpose - makes up for all those day that don; t do much lol! Then again I could be just living, but doing somehting a bit more fun so maybe they were still a bit of a waste! ? I also love it when the penny drops and wonder why the hell it has taken you so long to suss it out! Moyax
What an interesting revelation! Great point Ray! I love the never know where our most important messages may come from huh? Super job! Sincerely, Mary
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