Black Eyes!

Starring in the mirror, What do I see?
Nothing but black eyes looking back at me.
Black eyes with alot of lies,
Eyes which i try to disguise.

When I look in the mirror, I feel scared,
Because I know people dont care.
My black eyes tell a life that no-one knows,
Secrets I wish never to expose.

In the mirror, I see my black mascara running down my face,
Running down until my black eyes see it fits into place.
My black eyes need to disappear,
The hazel needs to reappear.

In the mirror, I see everything I hate,
My black eyes, big and sore..Rosie cheeks..My hair unperfectly straight..
My black eyes tell a book,
Which you could read if you take a look.

My black eyes are here forever,
Just read between the lines and you will endeavor,
Find the truth and see how much she cries,
The black eyes tell a story she hopes you will never find.

Next time take a look for the girl with the black eyes,
You will see how much she really does cry.
The black eyes will fade,
Before they do just see and be afraid...

by Becky Ginn

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