(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Black Gold! !

Expextations are very high in Ghana! !
All in the name of the oil boom;
While 80% of the people still live on less than 2 Dollars a day.

A fiscal deficit,
With the muse of the blue sky and the blue ocean;
But, what could be done to the vegetation?

Black Gold! !
Changing the status of the people with hope;
However, who feels it knows it all.

'Tete wo bi ka'! ! So, we have to put things right;

Let us use this 'Oil Boom' wisely.

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I hope for the best for the people of Ghana, but I know what such wealth does to leaders
Well said, live with the natural resources in abundant to maximise the best living, your a genius, poet
Wisdom always the most important part of the picture. NIce poem