Black Heart

The day has come
He knows the scum I am
No more lies
He can see lust in my eyes
I'm Lucifer in disguise
And he was always my prize
That I should of idolized

But I was pissing away my future
To sing the praise to the devil
For I'm Worshiping dirty fantasies
And Forgetting about promises
With just a fling in the night
Sin has taken everything

Now I'm of no value
From you to him
And him to you
My everything has became nothing
From light to darkness
And happiness to doom
All because my word became lies
And my vow was breached

This is my end
No need to pretend
I can't go back
So I live with my black heart
Full of sin
Since I touched his skin
I'm doomed to death
For he is my meth

by April Humason

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From light to darkness, good one